Friday, October 19, 2007

Blog Reading Gotta Love it!

We love blog reading. You learn so many things about people from all over and so many of these ladies and gentlemen are funny as all get out! Sometimes We'll look at the clock and it will be 2 am and I'm like girls we gotta go to bed!

Things I LOVE

Baby shower gift
Monogrammed Diaper bag
Monogrammed Checkbook covers
Monogrammed Bags
Monogrammed Diaper bags
Preppy Headbands
Monogrammed Koozies NAVY AND HOT PINK!
Monogrammed Childrens Gifts
Monogrammed Backpacks
Monogrammed keychains
Preppy fabric belts
Monogrammed tote bags
Anything made with lilly pullitzer fabrics

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