Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1. Favorite preppy designers? J Crew, Ann Taylor, Vineyard Vines, The Gap, Old Navy.

2. Favorite preppy accessories? Ribbon belts, Earrings,
grosgrain ribbon flip flops, Headbands

3. Any hobbies? shopping, reading, running, watching movies, cooking, baking.

4. Enjoy crafting, if so anything in particular? I wish I knew more and had more time to devote to this ignored area of my life.

5. Favorite books/magazines? Glamour, Chicken Soup, Cooking Light and Rachel Ray

6. Any other favorite things? stationery, everything monogrammed, grosgrain flip flops, anything seersucker,

7. Collect anything? Bells,

8. Any kids/pets? -2 kids

9. Any allergies? Pollen

10. Favorite thing to do in the Summer? -Sleep, Sun Bathe,

11. What most makes you think of Summer? Lantana, day lilies, tan legs, tank tops, Flip FLops, Picnics, rosy cheeks,

12. Favorite treat/drink?- Java Chip Frap. from Starbucks .... Dr Pepper!

13. Anything else your partner should know about you?-I'm the most unorganized person on the universe can you believe this?


Mad About Plaid Girl said...

We are a lot alike! Thanks for doing this--I'm SO enjoying shopping for you! It has been hard to not monogram anything seeing as how you can do it on your own anytime you want! :)

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

Did you get your box yet?