Friday, October 10, 2008

New Arrival Friday! Monogrammed Car Tags

If you are anything like us and you love argyle and Preppy Monograms
this is a must have for your car or your house!

We've each made our own monogrammed preppy car tags and we've hung them with ribbon on our office doors. Let me tell you...... our customers think it is so cute and have now started ordering these for their houses, office doors at work, and even their interior doors for room decor at home!

We just love this new style and know that you are going to love it too!

Order your very own Monogrammed Car tag today at
for the best price of only $22.00

These tags are made with the best quality and we know your going to love it!

Ellen twisted my arm and we has talked me into giving another one of these
away on the blog so here goes.
Tell everyone you know if we choose your referral you win also!
Email us to enter the giveaway... Contest goes through next Friday .

Email us your name and what kind of tag design you think we should create just for you!


Clara Belle said...

oh lala love the argyle! Here in boston we have plates on the front and on the back on plates given to us in the last 10ish years. But LUCKILY my car has wayyy old plates from the 80's (thanks mom and dad!) and I can get one on the front! Whew!

Muffy said...

How fabulous!

The Harmon's said...

I love the all of them but need something in black and yellow.


The Harmon's said...

opps forgot to say that preppy mama sent me.

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

omgosh i think i know who that beautiful car tag is going to belong to, MEEEEE! omgosh omgosh omgosh its just what i wanted, omgosh.

Kappa Prep said...

Oh this is so fun! Clara Belle of the Pink Cupcake sent me over!

Gifting Gumshoe said...

This would look fantastic on my car!!! Love it!

Old Friends and New Shoes said...

One of these would look so cute on my yellow escape! And yellow and navy would look too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I want one!