Monday, October 27, 2008

News from Deana at Preppy Monogrammed Gifts

Thanks for forgiving us of our absence last week while we were gone to a Holiday Market Show.
We meet so many of our customers and new customers from all over. It is so much fun.
Of course our sweet husbands have to take on the full time roll of motherhood and fatherhood and it is exhausting for them.
Thank you sweeties for you hard work. We love you and appreciate all you do.

We had a great time. Met lots of people and look forward to our next big show coming up in 3 weeks. We have two back to back and then we are finished with shows until next March.

My Mother in law also came up and spent time with the kiddos.
They sure do love her so. I got her the neatest gift for being so kind to come up and love on the children. It's a pottery plate that has a grinder on the top for garlic, nutmeg, ginger , cheese, you name it it can grind it. She loves to cook more than I do. It came as a set with the garlic skin remover and a fancy brush to gather all the item that you grated.
I'll picture it and show it to you all. She's going to love it when I mail it to her this week.
I've got to take a breather and spend a few minutes gathering my thoughts to write her a sweet thank you letter!

I did a little shopping for myself and purchased way to much jewelry and I got this cute shirt with a scripture verse on it. I purchased two scooters for the kiddos, fudge, more fudge and an indoor grill. It looks so easy I'll have to try it out and let you guys know. I'm making pork chops on it tonight for dinner! Yummy.

More cooking adventures to come!

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