Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wacky Wednesday Give Away!

We just love Wednesday!

It is so much fun to think of a new item to giveaway.
Some of you may have already started dragging the Christmas boxes out of storage or your attic.
Our neighbor already has a wreath on their front door.
We always wait till the day after Thanksgiving and eat cookies, and drink coffee and apple cider but, there is no specific date to start getting in the Christmas Spirit.
It's a fun tradition and my kids love it!
Last year I let them hang all the ornaments and didn't complain that they had 15 ornaments on one tree limb. They had so much fun and I just enjoyed watching them. My Dh was amazed as I am a perfectionist so this was a first for me.

So in honor of the upcoming holidays we are giving away one of our
Personalized Christmas Ornaments.
We have silver plated ornaments , acrylic Ornaments and Glass ornaments.
This will be a great addition to your Christmas tree and your guest will love seeing them adorn your tree.

Email us today to enter our contest.
Contest ends next Wednesday November 26th.

Preppy Monogrammed Gifts

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Jennifer Miller said...

I love christmas!