Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Friday!

It's Friday. What have I been up to this week?!
I finished up the Bible Study on the book of Esther with Beth Moore.
It was really great. I learned a lot about the Jewish culture that I didn't know and how amazing God is in everything. I also learned several things about life and how tough it is being a women! Anyone here completed the study? I'm now starting a in depth study on the book of Leviticus.

Easter baskets are rolling on, onto the machines, and onto the postal service...
We are staying caught up on these cuties and shipping daily. The Easter bunny is so proud of us for getting these out so he can fill them up with goodies! Is the Easter Bunny going to visit your house? Do you have any fun traditions you want to share?

Order our Monogrammed Easter Baskets
through April the 7th OR until they sell out

I worked on a few new things for Preppy Monogrammed Gifts website and we are working on a new logo. Your going to love it so stay tuned.......

We are about to head out to go to a choir tour dinner theater tonight.
The whole family. Bright Lights & Fun in the City? It's about NEW YORK!
It out to be a lot of fun.
Plus I am starving!

Don't forget the fabulous Friday giveaway ends tonight at midnight on facebook.
This giveaway makes our employees wish they could enter the contest.

And YES....I promise to get a picture posted soon of our mother daughter camp weekend.
It was a lot of fun. Thank you for urging me to add those.

Have a great weekend as we close out another week and almost another month.
Time is flying by!
I leave today sharing with you what a pleasure it is to get to know each of you and and amazing feeling to be your online gift source.
We are so blessed by each of you everyday. Your ideas, and precious comments give us the drive we need to exceed in every area serving the GREAT USA with Monogrammed Gifts.
You will never know how much you make our everyday ...we brag about how great you guys are all the time.



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