Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monogrammed Decals are just so Preppy!

Our Monogrammed decals are great!
You can use them for anything.
Some of our favorites are:

Monogrammed Car Decals
Monogrammed Mail Box Decals
Monogrammed Cell Phone Decals
Monogram your walls, trash cans, notebooks, laptops, small electronics & More.

If it has a flat surface then you should be able to make it your own with one of our monogrammed decals!

We have so many great fonts and designs to choose from and they start way lower than our competitors.
Start as low as $12.00. Most competitors start pricing at $18.00.

Order your decal from us today and don't overpay!

Have a wonderful day!

Preppy Monogrammed Gifts
Your Online Source for Preppy Gifts at Unbelievable Prices.

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