Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Feet Hurt!

Sorry I haven't checked in a while. I headed to Market and I am so tired of walking and shopping. I can literally say I have shopped till I dropped. I dropped and had a chocolate covered cheesecake. It motivated me to get up and shop two more floors and I bought several dresses for me.
I was toting (dragging around) shopping bags that weighed more than I do.
It was a blast. Our trunk shows are going to be booming this fall!

We arrived in Atlanta on Friday Morning at 10: Am. Headed straight to the 13th floor.
I worked my way day while everyone else was in appointments of was working their way up!
I had many people tell me how smart I was.
I wore flip flops everyday instead of boots like I stupidly wore last time. My feet still hurt. They feel better............
How can a preppy girl be stylish wearing tennis shoes?
Let me know if you have figured it out.

I managed to make it through all 3 buildings. I'm talking 41 floors of shopping.
I cheated a few times and took the elevators instead of the escalators because I'm always in a hurry and walk up those darn things.

It was nice having a partner to bounce ideas and suggestions off of. I found some glorious ideas for our monogrammed baby, and monogrammed children lines.
I met some really great store owners and representatives. We are doing some serious praying about partnering with a line and plunging in full force with our wholesale line.
I'm so excited I can barely sleep some nights.
I'll be posting some pictures of my new outfits. I couldn't resist buying 3 things in kelly green. How many green shirts do I need?

Our first night we went out to PF Changs. It was delicious.
I tried the Hot Fish for the second time and the Ahi Tuna suchi. I am really getting hooked on this stuff! The Salmon Cruch is still my favorite though.
Every night we crashed at the Hilton and I slept like a baby. I didn't move all night long.

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